Not guilty, two words have never cut me so deep, not guilty, followed by a smirk and a handshake of one George Zimmerman to his attorney. In their moment of jubilation, a wave of emotions struck the black community, anger, disgust, sadness, some a non-nonchalant attitude of “what can we do about it.” Me, myself, I felt a load of sadness, I shed tears, I had to go outside to collect myself, this case hit me hard, all I could see was my son Quran, and my nephew Damian Jr., thinking how this verdict said “yes it is still open season on black males.” I felt physically sick, stomach tied in knots, headache, chest was tight, I literally became sick over the outcome of this case. Pundits say this case is not about race… Really? Not about race??? That statement in itself is asinine, let’s call a spade a spade, America never solved its issue with race, it’s always disguarded, swept under the rug, tucked away, never addressed in hopes that it will just someday vanish, we play the good little field negros, and go about our day, don’t stir up a fuss, well sorry America, this way the straw that broke the camels back.

Today, I went to work, I felt like I just witnessed a lynching, and was forced to return back to my field labor. I saw a brother that had to be around my sons age, he looked so happy, so cheerful, so full of life, but the thought that white America doesn’t see what I see, he’s going to grow up and they will still view his as a threat, still view him as a Nigga. I couldn’t focus on work, all I was thinking about is how could I do my part to help save our young black men, how could I get them to stop killing each other, how could I get them to walk with self confidence, speak with confidence, love and protect our families.

The bright side of this tragedy, I believe this has woken a majority of black America up, everyone wants to act, not just talk, which is what I believe our elders intended for us to do before their untimely demises. The main question I run into is where do we start? I think is why movements fall off, we’ve gotten rilled up for the deaths of Troy Davis, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, and so on, but within days the momentum dies down, however I think this is was the ultimate wake up call.

Everyone that knows me knows I am a huge sports fan, The Los Angeles Lakers in particular, while this past season has been one of best, however they’re life lessons that can be learned from this tumultuous season; 1. Without proper coaching or direction, you are bound for disaster, 2. Everyone has to be on board (I’m looking at you Dwight Howard), 3. You still have to believe even though odds do not favor you, 4. You are never out of it, (Kobe taught us that knocking down two free throws with a torn Achilles). I used that analogy to say, WE NEED A BLACK AGENDA, a code of ethics that we as Black people should follow, to keep brothers from killing brothers, being breeders (making babies and not raising them), produce more scholars than athletes, how to run a legit black business, and how to get back to Community, below are a few ideas I propose.

1. Circulate the black dollar, look at your community, notice the business in your community feed your needs, the food spots, the hair spots, the grocery stores, do the the owners look like you? Do the owners respect you? No but they take your money, and do not give back to it, stop breaking bread with them! Support Black Business! Quit making Gucci rich, quit making Louis Vutton rich, they do nothing for us!

2. Community – Your kids are my kids, my kids are your kids, your family is my family, my family is yours, it takes a village, we should get back to block parties, learn your neighbor, barbeque, put good positive energy in the air. If possibly Friday afternoons from 7pm – 10:30pm, we should hold events for the kids, making education fun for them, giving them other options, show them that we care and love them, pick up where the black panthers started with the free breakfast program, it’s all about our kids, they are the ones we have to invest in to see a manifest of change in our people.

3. Keep The Black Family Together – This cycle of broken families has to cease! There is nothing more beautiful than black love, we need to get off this tip that black love is weak, IT IS NOT. Brothers you are not weak for loving your woman! You are not weak for loving your children, you are not a sucker for making an honest woman out of the mother of your child, you are strong, you are bold, you are the provider and protector, you are respected! Sisters, we love you, you are the most precious thing to us, you bear our seeds, you are our nurturers, our back bone, without you, we are nothing, you are loved and appreciated, there is nothing with loving the father of your child, there is nothing wrong with supporting the brother when he is down and out, your strength is unmeasured! LOVE IS NOT WEAK BLACK PEOPLE, LOVE IS NOT WEAK BLACK PEOPLE, LOVE IS NOT WEAK BLACK PEOPLE!!! LOVE IS STRONG, LOVE IS POWERFUL, LOVE SAVES LIVES! KEEP BLACK FAMILIES TOGETHER, WE ARE ALL WE HAVE!!! IT IS EASY TO HATE, BUT IT TAKES STRENGTH TO LOVE!!!

4. Finger pointing/ Hating must stop! – We must get on the same page black people! This goes back to my sports analogy, when everyone on your team is doing their own thing, and disrespecting one another, we’re back where we started. I’ve fell victim to this too, blasting my people on social networks because they don’t think the way I think, do things the way I do, all that does is produce negative energy, we become a contraian people no different than the ones that oppress us. We must spread love, push positive energy, love one another, quit worrying about titles i.e.: “I’m a real nigga,” “I’m a bad bitch,” etc. it’s irrelevant, don’t search for validity while losing your dignity in the process. You black, you are the mother and father of civilization, arts, mathematics, science , you do not need a title, this world is yours. In short, love one another.

5. Self Confidence/ Self Respect – We’re not niggas! God made us better than that! Respect yourself, take pride in your appearance, be confident, you can do whatever you want, this world is yours, if you want change for yourself, your community, you can make it happen, it is in you to be great. Take everything in life in moderation, have fun, enjoy life, but do not loose yourself in the process to where it becomes your life, you abandon your seeds just to “turn up,” or starve your seeds just to get the newest pair of J’s. Respect yourself, demand respect from others, treat others with respect as well, you are special!

6. Do Not Support False Representation – Do not support artist or athletes, who have a voice, yet say nothing, artist or athletes who take credit for starting trends, fashion, pushing new cars, but when it comes to being held accountable for creating the energy and the soundtracks that young black boys and girls murder each other to, sell poison to, inject, snort, or pop poison to, have unprotected sex to, and blow money to, they don’t want to accept blame. We must demand better, in a general sense of things, it’s as if rappers keep reminding us we have cancer, well it’s time to start producing the cure.

These are a few ideas I have, after taking a step back and analyzing the problems we have, some may agree, some may not, that’s good, we need to have a debate, we need to get on the same page, know what works for us, however this is not a time to be passive, and accept the status quo, we can make change, you just have to believe and have faith. If you guys out there have any ideas that you want to add, please feel free to do so, we need a game plan! In conclusion, I love all of my brothers and sisters, I am willing to dedicate my life to our advancement, you guys are worth it, I see the potential, I love you guys, peace!